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Creator's Solutions had our humble origins serving our clients in the audio visual industry from 2008. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the leading solutions providers not only in Singapore, but we have our footprints in Malaysia and Hong Kong as well. We value the trust from all our clients dearly as they are a recognition of our dedication in meeting our clients needs and a motivation for us to do better continually.

We are grateful that over the years, we have established a very strong presence in the House of Worship market. We bring in the latest audio-visual technology to ensure that the churches we serve are well-supported to create the best production in this ever-changing environment. We bear the torch for all our clients, so that even after the sales, they can run their production independently without us. As a result of us going the extra mile, we have constantly been getting referrals and being re-employed to do their larger scale projects and conferences for them.


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