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The Sound Bullet  is the original rechargeable pocket-size I-O audio tester. A powerful preventative and troubleshooting multi-tool that is robust, reliable and portable.


The 5 core functions include:

  • Generator
  • Internal Speaker
  • Phantom Power Check
  • XLR Input Metering
  • XLR Cable Tester


The Sound Bullet should be used as a preventative tool for quick diagnosis and troubleshooting problems with complex audio setups. 



Pink noise signal is created and routed to the Male XLR. The generator will be routed to the 1/4” Jack as well as the internal speaker. Output can be adjusted to three levels -10, -20 and -40 dBu.


Use the generator and P48-test to carry out an input patch-check before sound checks or for verifying patch after quick stage change-overs. The Sound Bullet has been expertly designed to test the XLR line for full functionality.


Internal Speaker and 3.5mm Jack

Audio signals plugged into the female XLR or the 1/4” Jack connector are amplified and reproduced by the internal speaker or alternatively plug your headphones into the 3.5 mm Jack (adjust the volume by turning the knob).


Find Faults Quickly

A quick and handy powerful tool that can be used as a substitute for each element that handles audio, helping you locate any faults quickly and effectively.


Sonnect Sound Bullet Gen2

SKU: 1216533
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