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Sound Bullet bio

Italian brand Sonnect has released the ultra-compact, multi-function “Sound Bullet”, a game-changer in the everyday life of sound engineers around the world. Other line testers and noise generators may exist, but none are as compact, multi-functional or portable as the Sound Bullet. It is the first of its kind to combine so many features in one pocket sized tool.


This small yet powerful device marries convenience and practicality thanks to being designed by sound engineers for sound engineers. That means the Sound Bullet enables fast fault diagnosis and line checks in a busy live environment without the added need for cables. All this and it is easily carried in a pocket or the custom belt holster provided.

Its creator David Scorteccia refined the functionality of the Sound Bullet over many years, through his first-hand experience in the field. It features all the key features you would hope as well as additional applications that may pleasantly surprise you.


Along with a precise signal generator, the Sound Bullet allows users to lis- ten to signals plugged into the female XLR or 1/4” Jack through the inbuilt speaker or alternatively plug their headphones in. Furthermore, it features input metering to detect signal presence and peak, ideal for operation in loud environments.


The 1/4” Jack acts as an input and an output. The Jack adaptor provided connects straight to DI boxes and amplifiers without the need for patch cables.

Quickly check a line for phantom power, with 48V (±4V) individually me- tered on pins 2 and 3 of the male XLR and signified by two LEDs. Last but not least the Sound Bullet can continuity test pins of a microphone cable through its gold-plated Neutrik XLR connectors.


Thanks to its robust alloy chassis, the Sound Bullet should last busy live engineers for many years and its rechargeable battery (via Micro USB charger) means it saves on additional expenses. This innovative, intuitive little device already enjoys many happy customers in countries as varied as The UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Spain, India, China, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and more.

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